Babies, babies and more . . . babies!


079Wondering what is happening at FUR? Well, first an update on several of the kitties mentioned on my last blog. Great news! Vanity’s name has been changed to Emily – strong, yet welcoming for our poor declawed, injured Siamese. I don’t know about you, but I was getting tired of thinking of bathrooms every time Vanity’s name was mentioned.  She is eating well, hissing and growling less, and yes folks!  She is leaving her safe places, enjoying the open windows and receiving the occasional finger strokes on her head. Velvet – our quarantined little sick girl has been liberated and is making the most of long awaited freedom.  She even checked out the kitchen the other day – after all, all good things begin there. Frank often jokes about getting our own Kitty Korner Kooking show because of all the different mixing going on there. One of us will be hiding medicine in a favorite dab of food hoping to deceive a cat into eating it, another will be mixing one of the finicky seniors’ favorite concoctions, another will be cleaning the chicken off a rotisseire whole chicken with many furry assistants while someone else is preparing the replacement milk to help supplement Molly’s little runt named Hope.  We all feel like mad scientists and only need the microscope to start checking stool samples.  Molly – our sweet mother of 6 is now a mother of 7 with a roomie, Minni, who is a mother of 5.  Now how did this all happen? Well, just like Molly, Minni was at the shelter on death row due to her pregnancy. Naturally, she needed to come to FUR, especially since we just received a newly donated birthing cage.  The timing could not have been better for Minni.  Molly was not pleased about her new roomie. Clearly Minnie looked like a kitten thief to her!  But Minni had her own and was plenty happy with them. Until . . . a kitten was rescued after being stuck in a wall for at least 3 days. He ended up at FUR, with Rachel working hard to get Molly to accept him, which Molly finally did. The next day, I noticed that Minni was very intrigued with this new little guy despite Molly’s hissey like behavior.  After all, Molly already had 6 kittens and Minni only had 5. It seemed unfair that Molly should end up with this cute little newcomer!  But once she noticed how much bigger he was and how wobbly – clearly a danger to her own 4 day old kittens – she came to the right decision. Her 5 are just perfect.  We think so too. We also have a feral mother with 4 kittens that Susan at TNR has been trying for a very long time to catch. Our hopes are to save her kittens from colony life.  And as cute as  the kittens are, we are grateful to have stopped the horribly cruel cycle of reproduction for all of these amazing mothers while saving their lives.

A quick note for wine lovers – FUR and Bosu’s is hosting a wine tasting event this Saturday, April 18th from 5 – 8PM.  I have been to Bosu’s wine tasting events and they are a great deal of fun.  The only thing that could make them better is being surrounded by cat lovers. Tickets are $25 and you can contact Bosu’s at 452-0120. Tickets are available at the door.  The evening includes three generous glasses of various wines to sample, delicious appetizers and many great stories to be had about the nutty behaviors of our felines.  A wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening!  Then, in the days to come, stop by FUR,  meet Molly, Minni and their kittens and experience your much appreciated donation in action!  It is only through donations and the hard work of volunteers that FUR can make a difference.  Thank you!







Wine 4-18-satWith the arrival of spring comes a wine tasting event to satisfy every palette.

We will be hosting a wine tasting fundraiser in conjunction with Bosu’s Wine Shop, 138 Miller Street, Waynesville, on Saturday, April 18th from 5 PM to 8 PM. Tickets for the event are $25 each.

Please accept this as your official invitation to join us at this extremely popular and highly successful bi-annual event. With three excellent wines to sample and various accompanying appetizers to savor, can fun and festivities, all in aid of FUR, be far behind?

Because FUR is a volunteer run, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we receive no funding other than the funds we raise ourselves. And because all of the funds we raise go directly to the cats at our shelter for their maintenance and care, we depend YOUR ongoing generosity to keep US going.

Buy your wine by the bottle at the tasting and receive a 10 per cent discount. Buy your wine by the case and receive a 15 percent discount.

For further information, please contact Maggie Hickle at (828) 456-9622.

Tickets are also available at Bosu’s Wine Shop or by calling (828) 452-0120.