Feline Urgent Rescue of WNC, Inc and Foster Caretaker enter into the following agreement relating to foster cats.

  1.  The Foster Home will allow a FUR representative to make a pre-fostering visit to the Foster Home.
  1. A contact person will be designated for each Foster Home. Foster Volunteers are encouraged to contact your representative for any questions regarding the care of the cat.
  1. Cats will be kept inside or in an appropriate enclosed area as approved by a representative of FUR.
  1. FUR will provide flea and tick treatment prior to placing the animal in the Foster Home.
  1. If needed, FUR can provide food or litter. As a non-profit, we appreciate any personal help for the care of the Foster Cat.
  1. The Foster Home is responsible for the care of the Foster Cat including socializing the cat with people and other animals if possible, and for providing love and affection.
  1. The Foster Home will house the animal until it is adopted.  If the animal cannot be kept it must be returned to FUR upon appropriate notification.
  1. The Foster Representative will arrange for temporary alternative care as needed for the animal when the Foster Home is ill or on vacation.
  1. The Foster Home will contact the FUR Representative for authorization of additional medical care.
  1. The Foster Home will be given the right-of-first-refusal to adopt the foster cat into their own home.
  1.  The Foster Caretaker and the Foster Home, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors, or assigns will not hold any FUR representative, FUR (and its officers or board of directors) liable on any theory or legal liability, including the sole or concurrent negligence of the FUR Representative or of FUR of WNC, for any injury, death or damage directly or indirectly caused by the fostered cat(s).  The Foster Caretaker releases the FUR Representative(s) and FUR  from any and all liability claims that might be brought against the Foster Caretaker and home concerning the cat.