It Truly Does Take a Village

With up to 100 cats in our care at any one time, it can be difficult for every cat to thrive, especially if they are particularly independent or rambunctious. That’s why we need your help! The kitties below need a little extra attention in a foster home so that they can go on to be adopted.

Foster families save lives by freeing up space in your shelter, socializing animals, assisting with preventing disease transmission in the shelter and within foster pets—and even by helping to place animals.

DID YOU KNOW: All costs are covered by FUR. Food, bedding, toys, kitty litter, vet visits, and medications are all paid for. What FUR cannot cover is the love and care that a foster home can give these cats that so sorely need it.

PLEASE NOTE: Long-term fostering may be an option if you want to offer a kitty a furever home but you are worried about the associated finances.

If you are interested, please fill out our foster application.

Or learn more about our Seniors for Seniors program, a long-term fostering program for the more mature cat lovers among us!

LUNA (adult female)

Luna has been at FUR for almost 2 years now, and she needs a break!

She is shy at first, but once she sees that she has your attention she is so happy! She loves head butts, and pets. We swear that she is the one cat that visibly appreciates fresh bedding in her space! She spends a lot of time on her cat tree but will come out of her suite to sit and socialize. She gets along well with other cats.

Although FUR provides the best environment for cats, sensitive Luna especially needs a home of her own where she can be petted, head butted, and brushed, and where she can enjoy her own fresh bedding without having to share it with others.

SIR KITTY (adult male)

This sweet boy lost his family when his owner died and relatives threw him out into the cold. He was easy to rescue, being friendly and used to people, and was brought to FUR. After about 2 months, he was adopted! We were so happy for him. Then, 1 month later he was returned. The reason given was that he didn’t travel well in the carrier. Back at FUR he has definitely changed; more withdrawn and unwilling to mix with the other cats.

Sir Kitty is about 6 years old, very affectionate and quiet. We would love it if he could have his own home asap, as he has been used to one and we know that he is missing it. If he could be fostered it would be a life changer for him.