Thor was found wandering in Fines Creek. He was brought to FUR, where he was friendly but very scared. He was adopted out quickly to a family with 3 other cats, but returned the following week due to aggressive behavior. He was adopted again soon after, and returned the very next day for having attacked the family’s dog. Back at FUR, Thor began sporadic and sometimes volatile bullying. And then it happened. Doug and Nina Patton visited FUR and immediately fell in love with him. They adopted him and we held our breath.

Soon after, we received a picture of Thor reclining in his new home as if he owned it. According to his new owners, Thor, now renamed Bleu, has become a well-loved family member. Doug reported, “To say Bleu has found his permanent home would be a gross understatement.” And Nina added, “Bleu has been visited by our 6 year old granddaughter and 3 year old grandson and he continues to amaze us with his patience and gentleness.” Thank you, Doug and Nina, for not giving up on this special boy!