Animal rescue is a rollercoaster. There are really good days, and there are really bad days. We get through the bad days by celebrating our successes, leaning on our fellow volunteers and remembering that we have you, our generous supporters, without whom there would be far fewer good days.
This particular issue of Meowington Post is an emotional one for me and many of our volunteers. First, we tell the story of Thor, a sweet boy whose aggressive behavior toward other animals made us wonder if he’d ever get adopted. (Don’t worry – his is a happy ending!) Then we share Inky’s story, which is quite similar to Thor’s — except Inky isn’t young, chonky and fluffy — and he hasn’t yet found his happily ever after. Finally, one of our volunteers, Cheryl, invites us to process with her the tough decision to say goodbye to Tula, a senior cat she fostered.

BUT…we also celebrate our successes, like the recent Wet Your Whiskers fundraiser, and we also look ahead, such as to our Summer of Love Adoption Event in August.

Thank you for supporting FUR through the highs and the lows. Knowing that we are not doing this alone gives us more strength than you might realize.

I hope you are able to find a balance of staying cool while also enjoying the beautiful outdoors this season. Happy summer!

Lisa Sanborn
FUR Board President